Sulli Is Back With A New Selca! Innocent + Sexy?

Source: Nate

[+326 -36] I knew it was too quiet for the past couple of days kkk

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      Jun 26, 2016 06:21
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Jun 17, 2016 08:08
Source: Naver

[+9176 -282] There's a clear difference in Sulli before and after Choiza

[+5405 -307] What's up with the diaper?

[+4562 -457] She's just blah for now  Read more
Jun 15, 2016 06:49
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Jun 15, 2016 08:13
Source Nate

Recently, K-netizens had a discussion and comparison in the online community forum of Nate, about the visual and the appearance of rash guard style wearing in between AOA's member Seolhyun and Sulli. Check out their comments below, and tell us what do you think?  Read more
May 28, 2016 10:08
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May 22, 2016 11:56
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