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Group name: Chocolate (초콜릿)Label: H-line entertainmentDebut year: 2010Disbanded:  a few weeks after their debut, due to sex scandal rumors involving Meng and CherylDebut song: What to do

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Rookie girl group Chocolat has been selected as the new endorser for sportswear brand, ‘NBA Korea‘!

NBA was looking for a group to endorse their brand and end up choosing Chocolat as they saw the girls performing on a basketball game during New Year's Day. Since the girls performed on a basketball game, they wore sporty clothes and exactly, NBA Korea is an sportswear brand.

NBA Korea representative stated, “We are hoping that through Chocolat's help, our brand will become more popular.”

Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver Written by:  Read more
Jan 21, 2012 12:00
KBS "Music Bank" is back this week full of amazing performances!  Read more
Dec 16, 2011 06:58
KBS Music Bank is back this week full of amazing performances!  Read more
Oct 21, 2011 06:40
Chocolat's Melanie tweeted a new photo and updated her fans, she said she was chosen as the new MC of Olleh Tv's O Show!  Read more
Oct 17, 2011 09:36
Enjoy their performances here,goodnight!

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Jan 31, 2011 12:23
Fans have been anticipating the airing of this episode since the release of its teaser,check out the performances of the Big Bang duo here!

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Jan 17, 2011 12:07
Enjoy the sweet girls' performance on Chocolate,love their performance?

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Jan 10, 2011 06:06
Gain was the featured star on Chocolate on the 24th October & fans sure are fast to provide subtitles for the videos. Interestingly, she performed Irreversible barefooted. After the performance there was an interview session and when the MC saw that Gain was barefooted, which was a really rare sight as female idols usually will not appear without their heels, the MC took off her heels as well. Receiving rounds of applause from the audience.  Read more
Oct 26, 2010 11:47
2NE1 is actively promoting their 1st full Album.  Not only they are performing in Music shows. They also had a guest appearance on Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate. They performed their debut song "Fire" and 3 tracks from their new album "It hurts/Slow", "Clap Your Hands" and "Can't Nobody". Kim Jung Eun also had a little conversation with the girls. Check out their performance below.  Read more
Oct 04, 2010 01:05
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