Seungho to possibly drop assault charges; only misunderstanding

MBLAQ fans are alarmed after the news of Seungho who got physically assaulted by his agency's president (A) is reported. He initially reported to the police that Mr. A hit him in the head with a glass but changed his statement during police questioning stating that he is slapped in the face.

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MBLAQ will be making their comeback as a trio in late April.  Read more
      Mar 19, 2015 04:30
WINNER's Seunghoon didn't appear on their fan meeting in Beijing and on their WWIC 2015 stop in Shanghai, China.  Read more
Jan 18, 2015 09:00
Birth Name: Yang Seung HoStage Name: SeunghoBirthday: October 16, 1987Label: J.Tune campGroup: MBLAQPosition: Leader, Lead VocalistHeight: 176 cmWeight: 63 kgInstagram: @mblaqsh1016Twitter: @MBLAQSH  Read more
Oct 16, 2014 02:00
MBLAQ's leader Seungho gets his own instagram account to share his updates to fans.  Read more
Jun 04, 2014 08:00
Have you watched Mir and G.O.'s video messages?

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Nov 10, 2013 09:30
MBLAQ’s Seungho and miss A’s Fei will be testing out their dance skills on MBC’s ‘Dancing With the Stars 3’ which will start airing on March 15th.  Read more
Feb 27, 2013 09:00
Although idol group MBLAQ is the main body, this program is also a special opportunity for Kim Sae Rom and girl group Stella member Jeon Yul who participated as the managers. Especially to Jeon Yul who took on the job of her favorite artist’s manager like Siwon in the ended tvN “Reply 1997″ it feels like it was a tremendously deep gratitude to the extent that she would pinch her leg from time to time. However, it also seems like she now has more of an appearance of wearing a crown of thorns than an opportunity and only feels uncomfortable when suffering from too much criticism. Were reactions like this something unexpected? I asked everyone including the production team.  Read more
Jan 12, 2013 12:20
Birth Name: Yang Seung HoStage Name: SeunghoDate of Birth: October 16, 1987Position: Leader, Lead VocalistHeight: 176 cmWeight: 63 kg  Read more
On MBLAQ Every1’s Idol Manager Episode 7 that is broadcasting Friday, September 28th at 6:00PM will show various scenes of their healing workshop. “I see” game in order to further understand each other, reading letters MBLAQ’s parents sent, and dance practice on-site will be revealed.  Read more
Sep 29, 2012 04:54
MBLAQ's Seungho and Mir revealed photo taken during their volunteer job.  Read more
Sep 15, 2012 10:40
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