Monsta X showcase their smooth dance moves by performing oen of TVXQ's hit songs "Mirotic" for their special stage on M!Countdown and fans are more than satisfied with their overall performance.  Read more
May 26, 2016 07:35
Fans adore idols' friendship especially of those from different agencies and we have a fresh one here!  Read more
May 25, 2016 09:31
Ahead of their comeback, Monsta X I.M treat fans his first mixtape "Who Am I" featuring Yeseo.  Read more
May 05, 2016 09:00
We often notice that most South Koreans share the same surnames like the most common ones like Park, Kim, Lee, and more and the reason can be traced from the country's history.   Read more
                    Jan 29, 2016 21:43
MONSTA X showcas their talent in the dance practice video of Amen, check it out below

  Read more
Jan 16, 2016 08:54
MONSTA X reveal the selfcam video featuring their addictive track Perfect girl, watch below


  Read more
Jan 11, 2016 08:01
MONSTA X will appear in the upcoming episode of Goodnight, Teacher, check out their appearance below  Read more
Jan 08, 2016 09:19
MNET share their footages of idols recorded before the big event of MAMA Hong Kong took place.  Read more
Dec 11, 2015 08:47
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