Adorable IU In The Opening Of Chat-Sire Concert

IU looks adorable in the opening of Chat-SHIRE concert, watch below

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IU attends the premiere of movie Dong Ju in classy outfits, check out her photos below:

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      Feb 05, 2016 17:36
Dispatch releases their exclusive photos of female celebrities who don't need photoshop because of their flawless skin.  Read more
Produce 101's trainee Yoo Seo Hyeung had a brave attempt of IU's Good Day on the first episode of the show, unfortunately she failed to reach IU's 3 octaves, check out the clip below  Read more
Jan 23, 2016 09:46
The cast of SBS's upcoming drama has gathered at one place for the first script reading.  Read more
Jan 18, 2016 04:30
IU reveals 2016 Calendar for Chamisul, check out all the photos below:

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Jan 17, 2016 15:02
Choi Siwon & Liu Wen team up for the new H&M campaign, check out their chemistry below  Read more
Jan 17, 2016 08:30
IU performs emotional track Love at her Taipei Live Concert, check out her performance below

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Jan 13, 2016 09:35
Gaon releases the Top 10 solo chart toppers in 2015. Some of them. mostly idols ranked high despite having their debut last year while others prove that they are indeed capable of impressing netizens with their solo releases.  Read more
                      Jan 08, 2016 23:18
Lee Jun Ki and IU have been confirmed for SBS's upcoming drama 'Moon Lovers'.  Read more
Jan 04, 2016 03:00
Fancam of IU singing Chinese song Zebra,Zebra went viral thanks to her clear pronunciation and soulful vocal, check out her performance below  Read more
Jan 04, 2016 09:33
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