Hayoung's Caption 'Hi hello everyone •3•, photos from the U.S!! Hihi, the weather suddenly changed to cold,everyone beware for cold weather, please wear warm clothes!!! 'Fans commented 'Apink Hayoung saranghaeyo, hwaiting.' 'So cute' 'Beautiful maknae!' 'Love those long legs.'  Read more
      May 03, 2016 07:45
1. Goddess look! Big eyes, high-bridged nose!

  Read more
May 01, 2016 07:37
APink's Hayoung captured much attention when she cut her hair short during the Remember era, which hairstyle suits her better? Vote here

Just in case you need more photos to decide  Read more
Dec 23, 2015 15:27
Apink Hayoung has a little eye candy for fans.

She updates APink's fancafe with a pair of cute yet sexy selcas.

She is seen showing the pouty face in her latest photos, fans commented, 'how can you be sexy and cute at the same time', 'maknae has grown up' and etc.  Read more
Nov 25, 2015 11:04
Hayoung is one of the hottest kpop girls nowadays after returning with Remember.  Read more
Aug 17, 2015 12:55
While enjoying their immense popularity, Apink's Bomi and Hayoung serve the first pitch for the LG VS Kia match today.  Read more
Aug 16, 2015 10:39
APink's Hayoung and Eunji perform Remember on Hello Counselor, check out their short but adorable performance below  Read more
Jul 28, 2015 08:44
APink's Hayoung is receiving more love with her new hairstyle.  Read more
Jul 18, 2015 06:11
APink's Hayoung surprises fans with her new hairstyle.  Read more
May 18, 2015 10:12
Check out Bomi and Hayoung's cute Luv dance on Emergency Escape Number 1  Read more
Dec 02, 2014 09:28
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