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        Jul 03, 2016 06:50
GFriend release new individual teaser images of the girls for "Laughing Out Loud" version of their upcoming first full album.  Read more
Jul 01, 2016 09:26
GFriend starts dropping the girls' individual teaser images for their first full album comeback "LOL" in "Laughing Out loud" version.  Read more
Jun 30, 2016 09:20
'Showtime' releases hilarious previews of Mamamoo and GFriend.  Read more
Jun 30, 2016 12:44
GFRIEND shows their youthful and refreshing charms in new teaser images for 'LOL'.  Read more
Jun 30, 2016 11:36
GFRIEND has confirmed July 11th as their summer comeback date.  Read more
Jun 29, 2016 03:00
  Read more
Jun 27, 2016 07:43
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