Beast to release double Japanese singles for the first time with five members

Beast will start their promotions in Japan for the first time as a five-member group this July.

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Starting from the series of controversies surrounding Hyunseung's sluggish attitude during Beast's activities, to his apology and now, the notice of his absence from another group schedule next month, speculations of him withdrawing from the group have once again arisen.  Read more
        Mar 21, 2016 21:34
BEAST released their first original Japanese album "Guess Who" on March 9 and share the live performance video of their title track for the fans who were't able to attend their release events held in various venues in Japan last month.  Read more
Mar 14, 2016 23:24
After the whirlwind of fans and media outlets demanding and an explanation and reporting the attitude controversy of Hyunseung who allegedly slacking during group's activities, the BEAST member has finally come forward to issue an apology.  Read more
Feb 23, 2016 22:43
It's not going to be a surprise anymore if Beauties reach the point when they can't tolerate Hyunseung attitude in the future.

Many instances have shown Hyunseung being sluggish and slacking during Beast activities. Fans have already expressed that they need an explanation from Hyunseung, but the situation is getting worse instead. Fans have started posting photos and clips which evidently show Hyunseung neglecting the group's activities such as using his phone during their V-live performance while the rest are performing. Others include him dancing lazily behind the members during a fanmeet or straight up slacking and more.  Read more
Feb 22, 2016 21:37
BEAST Hyunseung receives criticism for being rude and falling asleep during an interview.

A particular post on Pann has a video of BEAST doing an interview about their 5th anniversary since Japanese debut, the establishment of their independent Japanese label BEAST Music, and "Guess Who?" album. However, the boys apparently look very tired but managed to answer the host's questions until the end.  Read more
Feb 17, 2016 00:13
BEAST successfully held their second concert stop of China tour at Guangzhou, “Beautiful Show China Tour 2015-2016”, organized by Jacso Entertainment. BEAST kicked of their China tour by performing in Shanghai on 6th December 2015, before heading to Guangzhou on 2nd January 2016, which were flooded with 3000 fans.   Read more
Jan 05, 2016 11:52
BEAST sing Without You for drama Scholar Who Walks The Night, check out the full track below  Read more
Aug 27, 2015 08:58
BEAST win against APink at Music Bank today making it their 3rd win with "YeY".

In return for their 3rd consecutive win, the boys release the dance practice video for "YeY'. Watch below and don't forget your congratulations!  Read more
Aug 07, 2015 08:55
Fans are working hard in hope for Beast to sweep this week's music shows and they might do so as they nab their 2nd win with 'YeY' at M!Countdown today.  Read more
Aug 06, 2015 08:16
BEAST have just taken home their 1st win with their comeback album title track 'YeY' at Show Champion today.  Read more
Aug 05, 2015 09:16
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