Lizzy Swimming in the Pool, Shocking Skinny Figure

Seems like most of netizens aren't still used to Lizzy's skinny appearance.

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        Jun 23, 2016 08:21
Source: Pann,Nate

[+174 -6] Her eyes look fine, but why did she shave her jaw... UEE started to look weird after she got her jaw done too. Lizzy's cuteness is gone ㅠㅠ  Read more
Jun 19, 2016 07:09
San E and Raina has released the full MV for collaboration track 'Sugar and Me'.  Read more
Jun 17, 2016 12:05
It seems like netizens aren't concerned with just Lizzy's thinning body but also to her face.  Read more
Jun 15, 2016 09:52
San E and Raina has dropped the teaser video for collaboration track 'Sugar and Me'.  Read more
Jun 14, 2016 02:24

[+213 -25] Being just thin isn't beautiful, she needs to work out more or something else, because i feel bad with how thin she looks now  Read more
Jun 04, 2016 04:58
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Jun 01, 2016 10:40
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