February is indeed a love month not only for couples but for friends as well.

BTS's V and actor Kim Minjae are showing off their friendship in the new MBC mobile reality  "Flower Boys Bromance" which starts to air on February 4.

A teaser for the 1st episode is released and we see the first set of bffs V and Minjae enjoying their quality time together. The show aims to reveal the heartwarming friendship between celebrity friends outside their usual surrounding. It is said that the show is filmed in paparazzi-style so that that the two will feel more comfortable.

In the preview, V reveals that it's the first after two and a half years to go out comfortably with a friend. On the other hand, while the two are eating together, V feeds Minjae a spoonful of cake and asks him if he's okay in which his BFF mischievously replies, "I said give me a kiss". Overall, it seems like V and Minjae enjoyed each other's company while having a late night  joyride and even display their bromance in a park which will definitely flutter the hearts of their fans! Anticipate the episode on February 4 at 11PM!