Asia's Prince indeed!

On tvN's 'The List 2016', the names of selected celebrities for the list of "Emerging Chaebol Star" are unveiled and Lee Kwang Soo takes the top spot.

Known as 'Asia's Prince' because of "Running Man", Kwangsoo beats actor Kim Soo Hyun who ranked 2nd followed by Girl's Day's Hyeri at 3rd spot. A representative reasons out that Lee Kwang Soo continues to become a huge Hallyu Star and his popularity is rising especially in Greater China because of "Running Man".

The representative adds that his endorsement fee of 80 thousand won from his debut has raised to 200 million won in five years. His rates especially in China are also huge proving his popularity and that it could results to enormous billions of income from China alone.

Meanwhile, the list also includes JYJ's Junsu (4th), Jessica (5th), rapper Dok2 (6th), Sistar's Soyu (7th) and SNSD's Taeyeon (8th).