On November 27th, Lee Kwangsoo attended the "Walking with Dinasaurs 3D" showcase. He is the voice actor of the hero dinosaur in the movie.

He said during the interview,"I think Kim Jongkook is suitable for the villain's role because of his strength and his character. Ji Sukjin as my father because of his age. Haha is good to be my partner, plus he has small size like the character in the movie"

The MC then asked,"Because of Gary so Song Jihyo can't play the role as your girlfriend right?". In this regard, he replied,"Even if it's not because of Gary, Song Jihyo is inappropriate. For that role, there are many people who can play it. But then who is better?", he was confused upon hearing the question.

He explained,"Or just let Song Jihyo play it, it's better, because I feel the most comfortable around her"

Writen by clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET