Although the summer season and the hot weather is over, Heechul and Taeyeon proved that it’s always time for ice cream!

Super Junior's Heechul and SNSD's Taeyeon shared a photo together.
Summer is over in South Korea, but Heechul and Taeyeon seemed to have a hang over of it. With the sunlight as their natural light and cars as their props, Heechul and Taeyeon posed for a picture. He's wearing a pair of sunglasses and she's eating an ice cream. What a silent hot shout out of a very summer-ish shot!
Heechul also wrote a line from Super Junior’s track ‘Daydream’,  “I shut my ears and try to listen to you. I close both eyes and try to draw you… Daydream.”
Life has its seasons also. Remember, there's a rainbow always after the rain. 

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