On March 09, KARA revealed Gyuri's version for KARA THE ANIMATION.

Previously it was announced that KARA would get animated in KARA the ANIMATION as a 5-episode series with each episode featuring one member. The series will be aired on Japanese's NOTTV channel.

The 1st episode featuring Gyuri has just been revealed. Gyuri played a girl working in explosive ordnance disposal team of special police in Mexico. One day a bomb planted in the police station by a gang. The gang is upset that their plan was prevented Gyuri and gang boss Ekushito, vows a declaration of war against Gyuri. To counter the attack, Gyuri confronts the gang in a secretly developed armored Police unit. 

Watch the 1st episode below:

Credit: comtrya, KamiliAsanama
Written by Jenny@DKPOPNEWS