What's more fun than having the artists themselves react to their own music video?

Teen Top sit down together to watch themselves on their music video for "Warning Sign" They boys did not just giggle and cringe to their own scenes but make hilarious and revealing comments as they react to their music video.  Read more
      Feb 12, 2016 22:57
SNSD's Seohyun are very touched for the gesture her fans showed to her 'Mamma Mia' family.  Read more
        Feb 12, 2016 22:33
The cute, lovely, and sexy unit of AOA, Cream, perform their debut stage at "Music Bank" today with "I'm Jelly Baby".  Read more
Feb 12, 2016 22:06
Our beloved sunbae Yujeong from tVN hit drama "Cheese In The Trap" played by actor Park Hae Jin gives free hugs to some of his hoobaes.

On the afternoon of February 12, Park Hae Jin holds a guerilla free hug event at the Sookmyung Women's University in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. At the surprised event, sunbae 'Yujeong' warmly hugs female hoobaes who are overwhelmed to see him.   Read more
Did you miss the power couple MCs of Music Bank?

They're back and give us another sweet couple selfie which we surely love. This time, a 4-set selfie of lovely pair is shared to us and they are looking sweeter and friendlier this time wearing matching sweaters and making adorable poses comfortably.   Read more
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