Actress Nam Gyuri and actor Jo Dal Hwan took some friendly photos from the set of the upcoming KBS 2TV one-act drama, ‘A Killer Barber’.

‘A Killer Barber’ is about Hwang Mija (Nam Gyuri) not being able to stand her loan shark husband (Lee Cheol Min) who won’t leave her alone, living with previous killer and current barber Woojin (Park Seong Woong). Jo Dal Hwan is Woojin’s partner Cheol Soo.

In the revealed photos, Nam Gyuri and Jo Dal Hwan are making their V-sign poses while waiting for the shoot. Dressed in their drama characters, the two stars look like brother and sister as they show a warm atmosphere.

Helmed by director Lee Jeong Sub of “Bread, Love and Dreams” and “Glory Jane”, the new drama “A Killer Barber” will be aired on July 22nd.