Singer-turned-actress Nam Gyuri will return to television in the KBS special “Butcher Barber.”

Nam Gyuri will star alongside Park Sung Woong in the drama about a woman who tries to flee a loan shark by going into hiding at the house of an assassin posing as a barber. The actress will play the female lead, Mija, while Park will play the barber in the special feature to be broadcast on July 22.

“The atmosphere on the set is so much fun,” Nam Gyuri said. “I’m taking in every little detail about the character in order to play the role of Mjia to perfection.”

Other actors in the drama include Cho Dal Hwan, Choi Seung Kyung and Lee Chul Min.

As soon as filming for the one-day program ends, the 27-year-old star will start shooting for the full-length drama “Haeundae Lovers,” which will debut on August 13 on KBS.

Source: JoongAng Daily