How are you? This is Dalshabet's agency staff.

I would like to sincerely thank all of you who agreed to participate in the fan voting for Dalshabet's first fan club name.

The fan club name poll for Dalshabet were in progress on February 28 ~ March 9. The results were released. [Dal★Shine] got the most votes and [Darling] was in second place.

Many of you want [Dal★Shine] as the name of the fan club however members of Dal★shabet and the agency family also have an important part because of their opinions.

As a result, the one in second place [Darling] has been decided upon by Dal★shabet and the agency family.

So fans and members of Dal★shabet, all of us, according to the opinion of the agency, will be called [Darling] in the future. We will notify you when it's finalized.

I would like to ask a deep understanding to the fans, we will cherish Dal★shabet and Darlings more dearly in the future.

source: Daum
posted by: 6LOVE @Dal★shabet LOVE
translated by: ohdugeun @Dal★shabet LOVE