10-member idol mixed group, Co.ed (Soomi, Hyewon, Hyoyoung, Chanmi, Kangho, Kwangheng, Noori, Taewoon, Yoosoung, Sungmin) unveiled their music video to the select public today.

On the 27th, Co.ed held their 3D music video premiere and held a press conference announcing the start to full-fledged activities.

Co.ed is only a rookie debut, but the possibility of success with all the other idol groups debuting is very high for them.

Lee Hyori, Jo Sung Mo, T-ara, Seeya, Davichi and numerous other singers. Co.ed is working with the producer/composer who is nicknamed the "Midas touch of the music industry," insuring the likelihood of their success. With an addictive melody and following the recent trends in the music industry, Cho Young Soo arranged all the musical pieces in the mini album making the album very, very high quality.

The former SeeYa member, who now has colorful hair, has been given the nickname of Smile Soomi. Soomi was originally a replacement for SeeYa, but soon after joining plans of a new Core Contents Media idol pop group formed. Soomi was given the offer to join the group which had only younger members at the time, and Soomi lost much sleep and had to think of a lot of issues. But she ultimately decided to join. A brand new challenge, a fresh new image and an attractive smile, that is Smile Soomi. Soomi smiled, "Since leaving SeeYa, I'm going to show you a completely different and new side to me," she said constantly boasting a gentle and powerful smile. Soomi is now the girl who had whip up the crowds with her intense charisma and bold mind.

Hyoyoung caught the media's attention soon after being on Star King because of her outstanding look and appearance. Her twin sister, Ryu Hwayoung and her became trainees as part of Core Contents Media after this episode aired. After joining, Hwayoung was announced as the new member of T-ara and Hyoyoung became a Co.ed member.

Like the two other members, Kangho also has a very unique history. He was on track to becoming a professional golf player and was very close to becoming 'pro.' He made the life changing decision to abandon golf to follow his dream and passion of becoming a music artist.

'Little Goo Hara' Jin Hyewon and T-ara member Jiyeon used to attend the same music studio thus knowing each other for a long time. They often helped each other out in the past. There's also been attention because of member Kwangheng and his similar appearance to actor Won Bin.

Co.ed will perform their debut title track "Too Late" on September 30th on Mnet. The song has straightforward lyrics and an addictive chorus which expresses a lovers' quarrel, which is unique and an advantage to having a hybrid, mixed group. The dancing has an emphasis on the men and woman's dancing skills. A brilliant performance is expected.

Source: Nate 1 | Nate 2 | Newsen (merged)
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Core Clique
Credits: Core Clique